Acupuncture & Meditation

by Lailee Mussivand RAc

“How long has it been, it seemed like only 5 minutes?”
“I feel like I’m floating.”
“Did you tip the table?”
“I almost fell asleep, but not quite asleep really.”
These are some of the comments I get from patients at the end of their acupuncture treatments.  What is going on is actually an acupuncture induced meditative state — a slowing down of the ever thinking mind, a deep relaxing space between awake and asleep where the most effective healing takes place.

They say the rest during meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have.


During meditation the mind becomes free from agitation, it is calm and serene.  You surrender to the constant circus of thoughts and just become an observer for a brief time.  It feels similar to those moments before falling asleep — that feeling of comfort and detached thinking, that lull.
The benefits of meditation are manifold, it helps with stress reduction, focus, better memory, pain reduction, increased creativity, improvement in communication, and does really fantastic things to the brain & nervous system.  To see more information about the benefits of meditation, please type ‘benefits of meditation’ into google.  The scientific results are astounding.

Often people find meditating really difficult - which is one reason why acupuncture is so valuable.  It helps you achieve a meditative state where you are able to simply view the rising and falling of thoughts and emotion without attachment.
This happens after the (tiny, painless) needles are inserted, I leave the room for around 20 minutes and since people have needles in their body, it sort of has to become a time of letting go.

Not only are the acupuncture points selected to work on meridians in the body to achieve particular medical goals, but also you are in a situation where you basically have to succumb to the relaxation because that is all you can do.

Acupuncture is one of the simplest ways to induce a meditative state & experience for yourself the deep restorative rest and multifaceted benefits that meditation can bring

Meghan DeSouza